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Pets Stay Free At Club Quarters’ London Hotels

If you’ve been looking for hotel chains that allow dogs in the UK, your search ends here: Enjoy the best dog-friendly accommodations in the UK with your beloved four-legged companions at Club Quarters Hotels in London. No need for boarding—we’ll welcome your furry family member to any of our London CQ Hotels and treat them like royalty – at no extra charge! Our CQ Paws Program offers the best amenities to indulge your dog:

We welcome maximum one dog up to 25 lbs each per guest room per stay, with exceptions at the discretion of the hotel manager. Read on to explore more dog-friendly resources available near each of our London CQ Hotels.

Please note: While dogs are allowed to ride free on buses, trains and the tube in London, keep in mind that navigating an escalator with a large dog breed may be difficult or impossible; plan your outings accordingly. Also, note that the travel times indicated between your hotel and each dog-friendly London destination are approximate and vary depending on the time of day and the traffic.

A woman walking her dog around London.Dog Parks And Dining Near Our West London Hotel

Our dog-friendly Club Quarters Hotel near St. Paul’s is convenient to several nearby parks and eateries that will welcome your furry friends.

Dog Parks Near St. Paul’s:

1. Imperial Dog Park

The Imperial Dog Park at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park is far and away our favorite option for canine fun. It’s 13 minutes by car, about 20 by tube and about a half hour on foot. The park surrounds the Imperial War Museum and is also home to the Tibetan Peace Memorial Garden. Best of all, it includes a dog agility course.

2. Myatt’s Fields Park

Myatt’s Fields Park is a 22-minute car ride, and about a half-hour by tube. What we like about it: The enclosure is safe for large and small breeds, with no escape routes, as the tall fence is outfitted with a mesh net. This expansive park includes two benches and a dog waste bin.

3. Pasley Park

Pasley Park is a well-maintained dog park about 20 minutes by car or tube, and 45 minutes on foot. It includes three fully enclosed exercise areas varying in size, each with benches and dog waste bins.

Dog-Friendly Dining In West London:

1. Outpost Tower Hill

Outpost Tower Hill offers 36 brews on tap and a casual dining menu of imaginative burgers, sourdough pizzas, wings and salads. Dogs are welcome, and there’s a special menu for kids. Or take your dinner and go to the park: This eatery even offers a boxed ‘Hoppy Meal’ in versions for kids and adults. Get there in about 10 minutes by car, 15 by tube or 20 on foot.

2. Gaucho

Gaucho operates multiple restaurants in the UK, all of them dog-friendly. This establishment boasts “the best quality steak in the world” sourced from Argentinian Black Angus cattle. Expect a varied menu, including bar food, à la carte offerings, wine and spirits, desserts, lunch, brunch, a children’s menu and more. Get to Gaucho Broadgate from our hotel near St. Paul’s in 7 minutes by car, 15 by tube or 20 on foot.

3. The Three Stags

The Three Stags bills its menu as “Pub Classics With a Contemporary Twist.” The menu includes wood-fired Italian sourdough pizza, plus plenty of bar snacks, apps and other main courses. Of course, you could opt for carry-out since The Three Stags is conveniently located just across from the Imperial War Museum and Dog Park. Enjoy a family- and dog-friendly atmosphere 15 minutes from the hotel by car, or a half hour by tube or on foot.


A woman walking her dog in a park in LondonDog Parks and Dining Near Our Boutique Trafalgar Square Hotel

Enjoy these dog-friendly destinations during your stay at CQ’s Trafalgar Square hotel.

Dog Parks Near Trafalgar Square:

1. St. George’s Square Gardens

Located about 20 minutes from the hotel by car or tube, and 35 minutes on foot, the St. George’s Square Gardens is a well-maintained park for its spacious landscape with trees and bushes and plenty of seating and waste bins. This dog park is fully fenced, but mind the gates as people come and go to see that they close fully.

2. Imperial Dog Park

The Imperial Dog Park at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park (see above) is also convenient to our Trafalgar Square Hotel. Get there in 10 minutes by car, 20 by tube or a half hour on foot.

Dog-Friendly Dining Near Trafalgar Square:

1. Smith & Whistle

Smith & Whistle not only welcomes dogs but also offers a special canine-friendly cocktail menu (“dogtails”) so your furry family members can enjoy libations with you. The Poochie Colada, for example, is “a refreshing blend of coconut water, kale and broccoli to help with keeping coats glossy and joints healthy.” We’ll drink to that! Enjoy fairly standard bar fare on Smith & Whistle’s food menu. Get there in 4 minutes by car, 10 by tube or 15 minutes on foot.

2. Bluebird Café

Enthusiastically welcoming all furry patrons, Bluebird Café offers casual fare perfect for lunch or brunch. Sip a glass of wine while your furry family member rehydrates and enjoys a goody bag of dog treats. Get there from our hotel near Big Ben in about a half hour by car or tube.

3. Maggie Jones’s

Beloved for its charming rustic atmosphere and classic cuisine, Maggie Jones’s is an institution in Kensington. Enjoy a menu of comfort food as inviting as the setting. The staff welcomes dogs “as long as they behave” and offers your pooch a fresh bowl of water on arrival. Get there in about 20 minutes by car or a half hour by tube.

4. M Victoria Street

Located in the Zig Zag Building, M Victoria Street offers sophisticated dining for the two- and four-legged members of your family. There’s even a dog-friendly menu that includes ‘Pawsecco’, bacon and peanut butter cookies, and dried chicken livers. Better still: The purchase price of dog treats is donated to Battersea Cats and Dogs Home. Get there in 10 minutes by car, 15 by tube or 20 on foot.

A corgi dog in London in front of the Tower Bridge.Dog Parks and Dining Near Our London City Hotel

Enjoy these dog-friendly destinations during your stay at CQ’s London City Hotel:

Dog Parks In London City:

While the London City CQ Hotel is not convenient to many specific dog parks in East London, it is near enough to both Pasley Park and the Imperial Dog Park at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park, outlined in greater detail above. Pasley Park is a 20-minute car or tube ride from the London CQ, and Geraldine Mary Harmsworth is about 15 minutes by car or 20 by tube.

Dog-Friendly Dining Near CQ’s London City Hotel:

1. Gaucho

Read more about Gaucho’s dog-friendly dining above. Two locations are easily accessible from this Club Quarters location: The Tower Bridge restaurant is about a 5-minute car ride, or 15 minutes by tube or on foot.  And the Broadgate location is roughly 20 minutes from the hotel via any mode of transportation.

2. Outpost Tower Hill

The Outpost Tower Hill is a dog-friendly pub with casual fare (see more above). This venue is an easy 5-minute walk from the hotel.

3. Pizarro

If you have a taste for authentic Spanish cuisine, head to Pizarro with your pup. The staff welcomes dogs “of all shapes and sizes” with a bowl of fresh water, and even invites them to sit on the window counter seats to observe passing people and their dogs. Get there from our London City hotel in 15 minutes by car, or 20 by tube.

A pup enjoying the view from our dog friendly hotels in the UK.Dog Parks and Dining Near Our Boutique Holborn Hotel

Here is a sampling of the best dog-friendly destinations to enjoy during your stay at Club Quarters Hotel’s Covent Garden location in Holborn

Dog Parks Near Holborn:

Two of our favorite dog parks outlined in greater detail above are convenient to several of our London hotels, including Covent Garden Holborn. Get to the dog park at St. George’s Square Gardens in about 20 minutes by car or tube, and 50 minutes on foot if you’re up for an adventure. The Imperial Dog Park at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park is accessible from Covent Garden in about 20 minutes by car, 25 minutes by tube or a half hour on foot.

Dog-Friendly Dining Near Covent Garden :

1. 40 Dean Street

40 Dean Street offers Italian fare for the discriminating palate—and for everyone else! Enjoy authentic Italian classic and contemporary cuisine running the gamut from Margherita pizza to black ink linguini, at affordable prices (and don’t leave without trying the pistachio tiramisu). The staff will treat your dog to plenty of water and lots of affection. Get there from our hotel near Covent Garden in about 25 minutes by car, 15 by tube or 20 on foot. 

2. Colbert

If you’re in the mood for upscale Parisian fare, head to Colbert any time of day—they’re open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between nibbles, and they welcome your furry family members. Get there from the CQ Hotel in Covent Garden in about a half hour by car or tube.

3. Chameleon

A brand new restaurant in Holborn, Chameleon features Tel Aviv-inspired cuisine in an alfresco setting. You’ll also enjoy browsing the flower market garden after dining. Chameleon welcomes dogs during the lunch seating on Saturdays from noon until 5:00 p.m. Get there in about a half hour by any mode of transport.


Dog-Friendly Hotels In London

We want all our guests and their beloved dogs to have an exceptional stay at any of our Club Quarters Hotels in London. We allow a maximum of one dog per room per stay and ask that you keep your dog leashed or inside a carrier when you visit the public areas within the hotel. We don’t allow dogs inside the hotel restaurant or fitness room, and you must be present with your dog when the hotel staff comes into the guest room. We respectfully request you do not leave your dog unattended in the guest room, and that you bring documentation showing your dog is up to date on all vaccinations.


Club Quarters Hotels in London offer some of the best dog-friendly accommodations the UK has to offer—book your vacation now to take advantage of our Pets Stay Free program with a special 10% discount!

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