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Certification Touchless Arrival Guest Rooms Cleaning Employee Safety Food & Beverage Program Details


Club Quarters is implementing a certified safety and cleaning program to ensure the daily safety, cleanliness, sanitizing and disinfection of all our hotels in the United States & London.  The program focuses on the entire guest journey throughout a hotel stay.  We have taken the utmost care to strictly follow, and even exceed the guidelines provided by local and federal governments in each of our locations as well as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the WHO (World Health Organization), the NHS (National Health Service), the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the AHLA (American Hotel and Lodging Association). We have consulted with and will be trained and audited regularly by both compliance and medical experts, to ensure we keep our team members and guests healthy and safe, and deliver on our mission – to provide a safe haven for business travelers and urban explorers.

Certification Partners

We have partnered with the following organizations and individuals to create our Certified Safe and Clean Program:

Diversey – A global provider of cleaning and disinfection products and hygiene technologies, serving customers in the hospitality, healthcare, food and beverage, and retail sectors. They will examine, recommend and certify our cleanliness standards and procedures, including products, methods and tools used.

Bureau Veritas –The global leader in testing, inspection, and compliance, collecting information that confirms the reliability of procedures and equipment to ensure the protection of people and property. They will audit our hotels frequently, to certify the health, safety, and hygiene conditions of all our hotels.

Medical Experts – CMA (Corporate Medical Advisors) – medical experts providing health advisory services in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are a part of International SOS – a leading medical services and security company. They provided guidance and counsel on CQ’s Certified Safe and Clean Program, including the audit/review of our cleaning and safety procedures, tools and materials. They provided advisory and technical assistance as we rolled the program out and will provide on-going inspection and customization of the program as needed.

Arrival Experience

Enhanced capability that enables guests to check in using a touchless experience for all reservations.  New procedures will be implemented to welcome guests in a safe and friendly manner.

  • Contactless front door via automatic mechanism or assisted by a hotel team member.
  • Check-in will be available via mobile phone app independent of where the reservation was made. Check in also available on the web.
  • Digital key is available on your mobile phone when you check in through our app enabling the guest to proceed directly to their room.
  • All lobby kiosks to be upgraded with QR code technology to allow kiosk check-in to be performed from the guest’s mobile phone (contactless). Guest room key will be dispensed from the Kiosk.
  • Plexi-glass protection between team members and guests that want to check in at the front desk.
  • Credit card machines accessible for guest use only at the front desk. Guests will be encouraged to use contactless payment options.  Upon arrival, guests have the option of being provided a “sanitary disposable pen/tool/stylus” that can be used to enter data on the kiosk and push buttons on the elevator.
  • Guest baggage storage allowed on arrival prior to check-in. Bags placed in a dedicated lobby area, disinfected, and transferred to appropriate storage room.  Luggage carts will be sanitized throughout the day. Baggage storage on departure can be held in the departing guest’s room until 3pm on the day of departure (based on availability) or can be dropped off in a central and safe location where it will be stored.
  • Self-parking is encouraged. Valet parking will vary across hotels and will only be available when our partner valet companies are certified with a suitable clean and safe program.

Guest Rooms

Our housekeeping team members will implement enhanced cleaning protocols and will certify and seal guest rooms prior to the arrival of all guests.

  • Once cleaned, rooms will be sealed by our cleaning staff, certifying its sanitization and cleanliness. Seal will only be broken by the guest entering the room for a stay.
  • All amenities provided will be single use and will be changed when the room is cleaned and sanitized.
  • A bottle of water is included in every guest room. Guests are encouraged to refill the bottle at our water stations on each floor. A reusable Hydroflask will be available for purchase
  • Single use coffee cups and bathroom cups that are wrapped in plastic will be available in every room.
  • The TV Remote control will be fully cleaned and sanitized after each stay and covered in a plastic wrap. The in-room TV will also have the ability to be controlled using your own mobile phone.
  • Communication and requests with our guest services team is encouraged through our hotel texting program. Any requested items will be delivered using a contactless approach.
  • Stay over rooms will not be cleaned by a team member and we will limit any non-emergency entry into guest rooms that are occupied. All stay over rooms will be provided linen, terry, and/or additional bath amenities upon request, using a contactless approach.  Long term stays will have different arrangements, with procedures to protect both the guest and our team members.
  • Any guest room occupied by a guest confirmed to have Covid-19 will sit idle for 24 hours prior to cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Any items which cannot be cleaned and sanitized appropriately will be removed. These include: hotel directories, pens, notepaper, hair dryer bags, extra linen and blankets, glassware, clock radios, kitchenette supplies and yoga mats.
  • Clean and sanitized yoga mats will be available upon request.
  • A special area for guests to drop off and pick up dry cleaning will be created in the lobby. Valet laundry will only be delivered (contactless) if the guest is in their room.
  • Used guest room keys will be safely placed in holding containers and disinfected.
  • All housekeeping staff will be trained by the hotel’s Hygiene Manager on certified clean techniques and chemicals.
  • All linens, terry and duvets will be laundered after each check out including unused items.

Enhanced Cleaning and Guest Protocols

We have significantly enhanced our cleaning procedures throughout the hotel, ensuring guest rooms and public areas are cleaned and disinfected. These processes have been certified and will be audited frequently by third parties to ensure compliance and safety.

  • Unvaccinated guests are required to wear masks in all public spaces. We will provide a surgical mask and gloves upon request.
  • For fully vaccinated guests, masks are optional.
  • There will be additional hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the hotel in public areas.
  • Hi-touch public spaces will be cleaned at least once per hour throughout the day with hospital-grade disinfectant.
  • HVAC systems and air filters will be cleaned and changed more frequently.
  • Ice machines will not be available.
  • There will be touchless soap dispensers and limited contact single use paper towel dispensers in public bathrooms.
  • There will be signage in public spaces, a dedicated web site and messaging on in-room televisions explaining cleanliness and safety practices at the hotel.
  • Safety and cleanliness guidelines and procedures will be communicated via e-mail when reservations are made. They will also be clearly outlined on our website (
  • Guest Request Closets will be closed. Guest items will be available upon request, with touchless delivery.

Employee Safety and Training

All team members will go through rigorous training on new cleaning and disinfecting procedures, materials, and tools. We will ensure that team members are safe and healthy.

  • All team members will be required to wear masks, and protective gloves when needed.
  • All floor attendants will be required to wear goggles or be behind a plexiglass shield.
  • Every hotel will have a Hygiene Manager responsible for overall safety and cleanliness training and hotel program inspection.
  • Social distancing will be required in breakrooms and changing rooms, and with guests or managers.
  • Team members will follow federal and local guidelines for health and safety:
    • Regularly and thoroughly clean hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or by washing with antibacterial soap and warm water.
    • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.
    • Covering mouth and nose with a bent elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing.
    • Staying home if feeling unwell.
  • All housekeeping staff will be trained regularly on two-step “certified clean” techniques and chemicals, both sanitizing and disinfecting.
  • There will be no sharing of equipment or materials among team members and they will all be fully disinfected after each use.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage offered in the hotel will adhere to our certification guidelines.  We will partner with local restaurants and provide a safe approach to contactless delivery.

  • We will provide a list of restaurants and bars that will deliver directly to each hotel. Deliveries will be left in a dedicated secure area for food drop off and pick up by each guest. Liquor delivery will be subject to guest age check.
  • We will also recommend food delivery services/apps, with some that can post to your hotel bill.
  • Pre-packaged, dry “snack packs” as well as a limited assortment of beer, wine and pre-made cocktails will be available for purchase from the front desk or lobby.
  • All restaurants in our hotels will be subject to the same standards of our CQ Certified Safe and Clean Program. Variations may exist only due to local guidelines of individual city on in- restaurant dining and seating.
  • All snacks and beverages will be removed from the Club Living Room and the coffee and water machines will be turned off.

Program Details

To review program details, click here to view and download.

We will continue to adjust and enhance our program as recommended by our certification partners and by the guidelines and regulations of local and federal governments, the CDC, WHO and NHS.


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