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As business travel bounces back, we’ve created an extensive corporate travel checklist for the modern traveler. With an abundance of international business travel hotels featuring more than just the essentials, Club Quarters Hotels caters to the corporate traveler. From fast and free Wi-Fi to in-room workstations to laundry services to remote office and meeting space and a better-than-average business center (with complimentary coffee and tea), our boutique hotels are your business travel home away from home.

Whether your business venture is an overnight trip, a weekend convention, or an even longer stay, our corporate travel checklist is an excellent resource for packing for a successful trip. Enjoy a printable version below so you can stay organized and feel confident you packed everything you’ll need. We’ve also included some of our top tips to make corporate travel easier than ever.

man in professional suit at in-room club quarters work desk in virtual meeting

6 Packing Tricks & Tips for Corporate Travelers

To make sure your return to business travel is smooth, safe, and successful, use these packing tips.

1 | Choose Versatile Clothing & Shoes

Whether you’ll be flying with a carry-on only or driving to your destination, space will be limited. Choose basics from your closet to wear multiple ways and make the most of your luggage space. Lean into easy-to-pack accessories to dress an outfit up or down and change the details of your look.

A navy or black skirt, pants, or suit can be paired with more than one shirt, meaning you’ll only need to bring only one blazer or jacket. Simply swap your shirt and any other accessories to give yourself a new look for each meeting or dinner reservation. Select a shirt that you’d wear with or without the jacket so it will satisfy both formal wear and business casual. Alternate your suit jacket or blazer for a woman’s cardigan or a men’s sweater to create an additional outfit for wearing whether you’re touring the city or a new building site. When dressing up isn’t required, pack a pair of dark wash blue jeans that pair with almost any top, yet still look appropriate for after-work cocktails or dinner.

A laundry bag and garment bags are available for repeat guests who stay at least once per week within the current year.

Keep your shoe choices simple. One black or brown pair of dress shoes will likely match all of your outfits (plus one extra pair as a backup). For women, this might include a practical daytime pair and a heeled nighttime shoe, or select two pairs that are dressy yet comfortable to wear for cocktail hour or a coffee-fueled conference. Most importantly, don’t choose business travel as the moment to break in a new pair of shoes.

More Tips for Dressing for Corporate Travel:

2 | Select Travel-Friendly Fabrics

Pack clothing made from fabrics that will fold or roll, but that still look put together after a long flight if you must attend a meeting right away in your destination city. With this in mind, linen is completely out of the question – this fabric will not only wrinkle in transit, but after sitting in one meeting wearing linen you’ll have wrinkle lines galore. Look into non-iron or wrinkle-free dress shirts and pack other travel-friendly fabrics, including wool, lyocell, polyester, cashmere, knit, and spandex.

3 | Roll, Fold, Bag & Stuff: The Secrets to Efficient Packing

If you observe your stack of clothes in comparison to the size of your suitcase, the outlook can often seem grim. But there is a solution! Taking the time to neatly roll the clothes that won’t show wrinkles will save more space than you realize and cut down on the ironing needed later. Neatly fold the items you do not roll and pack them into the bottom of your suitcase or place them on top of your rolled clothes.

What to Roll: Casual clothing, gym clothing, jeans, and other items made from travel-friendly fabrics can be neatly laid on top of each other and rolled into one or a few bundles.

What to Fold: We do not recommend rolling suits—whether a business suit or a skirt and blazer—but instead fold them with the natural creases they already have:

What to Bag: For even more efficient packing, place items like socks, undergarments, and workout clothes in zip-top plastic bags and squeeze out the air to make them as compact as possible. These bags can go in last to tuck into any extra or empty spaces inside your suitcase. Bagging your undergarments also organizes them into different styles so it’s easy to tell your dress socks from your gym socks instantly, for example.

Stuff Your Shoes: This may seem silly until you open your suitcase after arriving at your destination and find your dress shoes smashed and bent. Tuck one of your undergarment bags inside your shoes to reinforce them. Not only will your shoes retain their shape but you’ll also make use of every inch inside your luggage.

4 | Pack for Downtime

While you’re traveling for work, take a break now and then if time permits. Pack for downtime so you’re ready for it, whether that means a quick workout in our hotel fitness center or an in-room yoga session. At Club Quarters, we understand maintaining your physical health is important. That’s why we offer free delivery of workout equipment, resistance bands, and yoga mats to your room upon request. If your downtime takes you out and about during your stay at Club Quarters, our blog offers insider things to do by destination for day-off delights and nearby sightseeing adventures to enjoy.

5 | Travel Safety

For You: By now it might be a habit, or you might need a reminder as you pack your items, but because travel requirements are fluid and change by destination, it’s a good idea to pack a face mask and keep it handy (not stowed inside checked luggage). You’ll also want to consider keeping travel-friendly hand sanitizer in your carry-on, in the pocket of your laptop case, or inside your purse so you can access it easily. Once you arrive at Club Quarters Hotels, rest easy knowing your room is certified safe and clean.

For Your Belongings: Consider a combination or key lock for your luggage, especially if you’re taking ground transport such as a bus or train with many riders. Not only will this give you peace of mind knowing your valuables are secure, but you’ll also be certain your bag will not catch on an edge of the luggage compartment and accidentally open. If you desire additional security when you arrive, Club Quarters offers safety deposit boxes at the Member Service Desk for items that need extra safekeeping during your stay.

Woman working on laptop in hotel room at club quarters with a view

Business Trip Packing List for Corporate Travelers

Finalize your business travel packing with our corporate travel checklist. Check out each of our printable checklist versions (one for men and one for women) so you can check off each item as you add them to your suitcase.

Corporate Traveler Documents

Always double check that your ID is handy, as there is no replacing this, and make sure you have access to any essential documents needed to access your meeting room, conference, or to board transportation:

Personal Identification: This includes your driver’s license, passport, work ID, conference badge, etc.
Boarding Pass: Electronic boarding passes are great but be prepared for the possibility of not having an internet connection or your phone losing power. A printed backup or a screenshot (in case of signal loss) can ease stress on travel day.

Paperwork & Documents for Business Travel

While many travel documents, conference passes, and confirmation receipts are available digitally, having a printed copy can be helpful if there are bandwidth issues during a conference, if your cell phone runs out of battery, or just to reference quickly. For your convenience, Club Quarters has wireless printing available in our Club Living Rooms. Our lightning-fast, free Wi-Fi makes it easy to pull up and print your documents and continue on your way. Below are a few examples of paperwork you’ll want to remember during your business trip:

Electronics for Business Trips

Business trips often require you to remain connected to your company through email, phone, and intranet – or other electronic methods. Having a device run out of battery can be detrimental, making traveling more difficult and impeding the success of your business venture. Remember to pack each of these electronics:

Travel-Comfort Items

For a quick nap on the train or entertainment during your flight or off-time, consider packing these extras to make your trip more enjoyable—they may not be necessary, but can be costly when purchased in an airport or train station, so you’ll be glad you made space for them:

Personal Work Bag

A sturdy work bag is a must-have for travel: This is where you will store most of your non-clothing items— laptop, chargers, and paperwork. Most airlines allow one personal bag plus a carry-on, so you can use your work bag as your personal bag—just be sure to check your airline’s size and weight limitations. Work bags come in many styles and configurations; choose the one that best suits your needs:

Toiletries & Cosmetics

Remember that if you’re traveling by plane and not checking a bag, liquids are limited to 3 ounces each and must all fit inside a quart-sized plastic bag. Our Club Quarters Hotels provides shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and soap, plus a hairdryer in every room, so you’ll have the basics, but be sure to pack anything else on this list you’ll need:

Clothing Checklist for Corporate Travelers

Remember that this list will vary depending on the itinerary of your trip, the length of your stay, and the time of year, but below are the basics for a three-day business trip.

Clothing List for Business Men

1 Suit (jacket and pants)
1 Pair of Pants (additional pair of dress pants or nice jeans)
1–2 Belts
3 Tops (2 button-down dress shirts and 1 business casual shirt)
3 Pairs of Undergarments (socks and underwear)
1–2 Pairs of Shoes (1 for meetings and 1 for dinners)
1 Pair of Pajamas (shirt and pants)
Optional items:
1 Workout Outfit* (shirt, pants, and workout shoes)
1–2 Ties with tie clips
*If you plan to work out during your business trip, be sure to bring an extra pair of undergarments.

Clothing List for Business Women

1 Blazer
2–3 Bottoms (slacks, a skirt, and nice jeans)
3 Tops (2 blouses/button-down dress shirts and 1 business casual shirt)
3 Pairs of Undergarments (socks, tights or stockings, underwear, and bras)
1–2 Pairs of Shoes (1 for meetings and 1 for dinners)
1 Pair of Pajamas (shirt and pants)
Optional items:
1 Workout Outfit* (shirt, pants, and workout shoes)
1 Dress
1 Cardigan
Headband, hair clips, or hair ties
*If you plan to work out while on your business trip, be sure to bring an extra pair of undergarments.

We hope these tips and tricks for packing for your next business trip have been helpful. If you do forget an important item, please come see us at the Club Quarters Member Service Desk. We will do our very best to help you obtain these items as quickly as possible. We look forward to seeing you or hosting your next group event at Club Quarters.

We aren’t just a hotel for business travel: We offer accommodations for your leisure travel as well. And did you know we’re pet friendly and we have a rewards program? Here are some of the special offers we are currently running if you would like to visit us at Club Quarters for business and pleasure.

BY Club Quarters

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