Why Book Here?

Technology perks at Club Quarters Hotels make business easy

Ready. Set. Nail It.

Tech it out @ CQ Hotels with all the latest and greatest technology finishes, short of having Elon Musk inventing a newer and better internet (though that's not entirely off the table...)

Our hi-tech hotels are perfect for working, recharging and playing.

Fast, Free Wi-Fi

Fast, Free Wi-Fi

Hate slow internet? Us, too.

Life moves fast. Our Wi-Fi moves even faster. In fact, our Wi-Fi is the fastest in the hotel industry, allowing you to get your work done faster, enjoy clearer video chats, and unwind with perfectly streamed entertainment on your mobile devices. It's also ultra-reliable; we test and update our hardware regularly, so our infrastructure is truly state-of-the-art. And best of all, it's free.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Unlock a world of possibilities - literally!

Power on the CQ Hotels app to:

  • Instantly check-in up to 24 hours in advance of your arrival
  • Unlock your door straight from your smartphone
  • Control your in-room TV
  • Book a TripAdvisor tour, or your next stay
  • Order an Uber
  • Send a request to our staff
Smart TVs

Smart TVs

Activate binge mode.

It's more than just "watching TV"; it's entertainment that's personal. CQ TV lets you control what you watch by streaming content right from your phone. You can also select one of the preloaded apps like YouTube, Spotify and Netflix. Looking for less binging and more movement? Turn on the TV and press the CQ Fit button for yoga, resistance band, and small space cardio videos as well as running routes.

Local Picks

Local Picks

Stay in the know.

Be that friend - you know, the one who always has the 411 on the hottest new restaurants, bars and boutiques. Whether you choose to tell them you've discovered it all on our app is up to you. Each month, we pick the best places to eat, shop and be entertained in our neighborhoods, plus a few must-sees that you need to experience before you leave.

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