Why Book Here?

Technology perks at Club Quarters Hotels make business easy

Ready. Set. Nail It.

Exciting new technology perks and upgrades at Club Quarters Hotels mean our guests will nail their objectives even faster! From the fastest Wi-Fi in the business, to the new CQ Hotels mobile app, we've got everything you need for an empowering hotel stay.

Club Quarters Hotels is your key to effortless and enjoyable business travel.

Best-in-class Wi-Fi

Best-in-class Wi-Fi

Power through megabytes of email and presentations quickly.

Life moves fast. Our Wi-Fi moves even faster. In fact, our Wi-Fi is the fastest in the hotel industry, allowing you to get your work down faster, enjoy clearer video chats, and unwind with perfectly streamed entertainment on your mobile devices. It's also ultra-reliable; we test and update our hardware regularly, so our infrastructure is truly state-of-the-art. And best of all, it's free.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Unlock a world of possibilities - literally!

Club Quarters Hotels is the only brand with mobile-key enabled locks in every room at every hotel, so power on the CQ Hotels app to:

  • Skip the front desk by checking in and out on your smartphone
  • Unlock your guestroom door with your device
  • Control your in-room TV
  • Book a TripAdvisor tour, or your next stay
  • Order an Uber
  • Send a request to our staff
Smart TV

Smart TV

Power up the smartest hotel TV.

It's more than just "watching TV". CQ TV lets you stream apps and content from your phone right to your guestroom TVs, or select one of the preloaded apps like YouTube, Spotify and Netflix. Plus you can explore the hotel and its neighborhood before even leaving your room.

Recommended Picks

Recommended Picks

Stay powerful with tailor-made unique recommendations and fitness routines.

We've loaded our app and in-room TVs with curated travel ideas of where to eat, shop and be entertained in our cities. And to keep you feeling your best, we've introduced CQ Fit, fitness programs available on the in-room TV. Because when you finally have some down time, the last thing you want to do is waste time.

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